Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cellphone, is it a need or just fashion?

Present day, many people says ‘Cellphone is not just an luxurious things anymore, but it’s a need’. There so many applications that put on a cellphone which can support our daily activity.
Now, dozens of cellphone selling their fashion element, which can be ‘trend’ in society.
Starts by Nokia, which is famous by its ‘N-series’ and also ‘E-series’ for Communicator.
Sony Ericsson is famous with ‘Walkman series’ and also ‘K-series’, :LG phone with ‘Shine’, and also another brand like Samsung, BenQ Siemens, Pantech, etc.
For you who like to follow the cellphone trend, do you have to change your cellphone every month just to be ‘in trend’? Well, it’s seems like too lavish, moreover for you who don’t have much money. Therefore, just buy a cellphone which appropriate with your activity and your budget, control your self, and don’t get tempted with a fashion trend only.


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