Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cellphone Radiation

Now, cellphone is not a exclusive product anymore... Anyone can have it, from children 'till adults.
It has already a basic need, specially for people who traveled anytime, so you can keep in touch with your family, friend or your boss in the office.

But, do you know that your cellphone produce radiation that can effect your brain
Now every cellular operator give low rate for every phone call or sms your make. Therefore we are used to make a phone call for a very long time, such as 1 our, 2 our or maybe more...

The radiation from your cellphone can cause brain cancer or even a heart attack... for a very long time use...
(although this fact is not 100% true).

Here some tips to avoid those things :
1. Try to use handsfree for making / receiving phone call.
2. If you do not use a handsfree try to put your cell phone on the left ear.
3. Don't keep your cellphone in your shirt pocket (cause usually shirt pocket is on your left side, right in front of your heart).
4. For woman who is in maternity, at least keep your cellphone 10 meters away.

Hopefully this can help you to using cellphone safely.


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