Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool Gadget

Gadget with futuristic design now is so easy to find, for example is a spectacle and a projector.
One that interesting is Vuzix Video Eyewear. This equipment is a combine of spectacles, headphone walkman and video player, but it’s not the first gadget in store.
Things that amazing are it can play video with MP4 format, DVD and video iPod.
Moreover, this tiny LCD can act like virtual film screen which can produce video output with size 44 inch, with clear view. The coolest part is it can play the 2D and 3D effect with stereo audio.

Its battery can supply power for 4-5 hours non-stop. This gadget with dimension 7 cm x 24 cm x 18 cm, weight: 908 grams, has official price for £149.99.

Well, let’s continue with LM-100 Entertainment Projector. This projector can view static image and also entertaining ability, like movie, video game or even picture from digital camera to wall or ceiling up to 6 foot high.

With length 37 cm and width 14 cm, this projector is fully equipped with TFT LCD Screen with 960 x 240 resolutions, and projection 1.5 meters for flat surface with ratio aspect 4:3.
Each unit has a vertical support for ceiling performance. With manual focus lens, every users will have a perfect and sharp image quality.
This projector is compatible with TV, VCR, DVD Player, Digital Cameras, PC’s, X-box, Nintendo Consoles, Playstation and iPods, has official price £149.99.


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