Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The First Projector Cellphone

Present day, China isn't known as two-bit cellphone producer anymore, it is proved by its innovation making China as the first producer of cellphone which has projector as additional fitur. This innovation proved at 'Tianjin International Mobile Phone Industry Exhibition 2008'.

This projector cellphone is not just a concept, but it has been mass produced as cellphone with newest technology. The vendor of this cellphone is China King (Cking). In a simple manner, this projector work by changing bit of information which is received by projector machine and translated by LCoS projector. Then the result translated to LED with manual focus arrangement.

This projector can project pictures as wide as 30 inch, which is coming from 640 x 480 pixel picture. There's not all, this projector also claimed that able to present picture / video during approximate 2 hours. In order to present picture / video during the time, this device is paired with battery that able to standby until 666 days.

This projector cellphone which named 'Shing Cking' is a combination of home based portable decive and bussiness all in one.


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